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Leica Ring: Tsai 35mm Summilux

Here is a photography related non-photography entry. My favourite lens is now immortalized permanently as a ring. leica ring comp

[video width="800" height="800" mp4=""][/video]


leica ring views compSome behind the scenes design process: it did involve photography with macro reproduction. I first photographed the lens at varied angles to overcome cylindrical deformation. I then pieced together the artwork into a flat shape in photoshop before taking it into illustrator to vectorize, clean up, create the depth of field lines and compose the final art for the production file.

The ring is made by my talented and creative friend and fellow OCA classmate Shannon at Cynosure Jewelry Design Studio.

tsai - signed at 35mm

Happy Shooting, everyone!

leica process sm

midsummer's night tree

midsummer's night tree wtForest at night, trees are still and nondescript, immersed in darkness, breathing out CO2 just like us. I was curious to capture this still night portrait and play with external lighting similar to a studio. With the exception of faint night sky, everything is artificial light source. I have to say photographing in near darkness while running around is a strange sensation indeed, a little dangerous, a little dream like.