Great Gulf Design Studio

  GG projectfigure3 designed the Great Gulf Design Studio where owners enjoy a personalized experience where they are inspired by curated settings and can see physical finishes and samples to help visualize and design their own space. What a luxurious journey - where the space for your space matters!

downtown markham presentation centre

remingtonThe presentation centre for Downtown Markham is designed by figure3 and features a swooping, nest-like structure that envelops the main entrance from exterior into an interior portal with immersive projection content. Inside the showroom, dark reflective glass panels divide casual, intimate lounges where clients can have a relaxed session while learning about the project with the salesperson. The main space features cafe settings and a large natural wood table with iPads where clients can explore on their own. In the high space above the lounges, images are projected to create dynamic messaging. Eventscape produced a really cool video showcasing the elements they engineered and constructed.