Diet Coke + Coca-Cola Light - designer editions

coke light bottlesDiet coke, known as Coca-Cola Light in some territories has long involvement in the fashion industry. Special designer editions have been made including big names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Donatella Versace. I was commissioned to photograph some bottles and produce art canvases for an installation. It was done in our make-shift office studio. Magnetic whiteboard worked great to suspend a small piece of seamless black fleece backdrop while books made a convenient platform for display. Natural light contamination was not a concern as fast shutter speed and small aperture combo only captures lighting from powerful strobes.

children portraits

Jethrosean 1sean 2Camera-shy children are drawn by curiosity for the big glowing soft surfaces and temporarily cooperate in some portraits otherwise hard to catch at certain ages. The freshly awaken baby girl was startled by the flash strobe and I switched to using the modelling lamp only. Love the soft light quality and the porcelain-perfect glowing skin and perfect eyes.