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Nocturnal Still

Nocturnal-still For those of you that could not attend the Contact Photography Festival to see this series in person, here is the story behind the project.

So I dreamed up this series while sleepwalking one night - well not really but the trees are truly in a world of their own at night! As urban dwellers we get increasingly less encounter with darkness and especially nature at night - perhaps for most of us in a half-buzzed state during a summer camping trip at night.

Many of us love trees - their life force is simply powerful and yet so organic and warm. I see them as gentle giants and our guardians. During the day, they provide shade, convert energy from the sun as well as produce Oxygen that sustains us all. After a hard day of work and when the night falls, they get their break, breathing in and out just like the rest of us while sleeping standing up - like an innocent baby. This is what I wanted to capture, a baby portrait of sort while they rest peacefully in an almost magical world of their own where most of us do not get to see. This series is meant to be experienced in person at a large format, an encounter face to face with these etherial giants in their realm, wrapped in the blanket of night.

The Nocturnal Still series is offered as limited edition fine art prints and posters.

A few photos from the opening night.nocturnal-still

zoom zoom, or more aptly named: ding ding

dingdingToronto is one of the lucky cities to still operate streetcars in the downtown core. Though the experience of riders, inconveniences of cyclists and drivers along with weather hinderances are debatable factors; the trade-off of clean air unlike New York City or Hong Kong is welcomed in my books. Living with and adapting to these gentle giants is part of Toronto and an unique experience. Streetcar Portraits is a commissioned project to capture and convey the spirit of downtown - ding ding!