behind the glass - toronto design offsite

behind the glassBehind the Glass - presented by figure3 and Haworth,  is part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2015. I had the honour and pleasure to be part of the design team for the ideation and installation of this fun project. Come see it this week if you are in Toronto. behind windowPsychic spy - our window seat installation where random thoughts are generated when you sit down in them. Kudos go to Blair Kelly who is the technical whiz that provided hardware and programming solution to make this such a fun interactive installation!


auto-manufacturing plantCommissioned to photograph Karmax Heavy Stamping plant for Granite office interior to feature tenant properties. Giant sheets of metal are stamped in massive dies to form parts and subsequently welded with robotic arms in the plant. I approached the project with an artistic angle and romanticism of machines. Growing up with an automation-machinery designer engineer father the familiar smell of industrial lubricants and large scale machinery moving about sure sent me back down memory lane and brought a smile to my face.