Eli Lillly

eli lilly

Eli lillyEli Lilly looks to figure3 for their workspace revitalization and expansion in the east end home base. The design directive is to charge forward while preserving the company’s 135 year old heritage, providing amenities and meeting spaces where staff can relax and step out from the work routine.

In addition to collaboration spaces within workstation neighbourhoods, there are dedicated spaces such as open lounges, cafe, yoga studio, spinning room and gym. The games room features stimulating and laid back zones in a design that exudes class without losing the fun factor. It feels like home away from home and everyone just adores the space.

Eli Lilly’s Commons is a meeting/collaboration space designed with touches of vintage style that adds a sense of history. This hospitality-meets-workplace environment is meant for stepping away from work desk and having an unconventional meeting with clients, an internal office event, or simply an alternative space to work. The mix of residential and hospitality feel in design brings comfort, sunlight, nature and warmth - endowing a space that is surely an envy to other corporations.