canada goose | canada proud

canada goose World renowned for outstanding Canadian made extreme weather apparel, Canada Goose teamed with figure3 for the relocation of their offices within a north Toronto neighbourhood. Utilizing elements within the existing industrial building, figure3 planned the space to support Canada Goose's growing needs for functional offices, meeting rooms and showroom for both staff and clients. The space was designed to reflect Canada Goose's unique blend of rugged lifestyle and high-tech innovation. 'Box within a box' offices and meeting rooms are framed in black and run the length of the interior space which highlight the height of the space and expose the natural wood deck ceiling above. Crisp white epoxy floors guide users throughout, leading to key spaces featuring full height graphics and open workstation groupings. This customized corporate office has genuinely provided Canada Goose with a place they can call home.

Always looking for the next adventure, Canada Goose is currently collaborating with figure3 to relocate their Toronto manufacturing facility within the same building as their new office.

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