office design

Entertainment One at Queen Richmond Centre West

eoneeOne is a major tenant at the QRC West, one of the recent landmarks of architectural design in Toronto. The event space just above the massive atrium, accessed with a catwalk, is such an energetic and exciting place to experience. Moveable walls with cutouts make the main space multi-functional as it can be divided or opened through as one space. The gorgeous outdoor patio gives grand views of hip queen west neighbourhood. eOne's offices in the upper floors are connected by a central staircase surrounded by meeting rooms, coffee bars, lounge seating and pods where casual meetings and collaboration are natural and comfortably accommodated. The design of the office retains the edgy and fun spirit with buzz of action seen in the centre of the company.

Photographed in March, this exciting workspace is designed by xdesign and built by The Pentacon Group.

Newswire office interior

CNW crfigure3 designed this newswire's office located at one of the top floors of WaterPark Place. The reception area features a copper screen that wraps as a floating ceiling into the divider screen between the board room and the reception desk. The design draws inspiration from the ticker tape which were used to carry digital messages prior to computers. Eventscape helped turn this vision into the impressively warm and organic element that envelops visitors as they enter the space. Being on such a high floor facing the lake grants breathtaking views inside the alluring board room where one is always inspired by our beautiful waterfront off in the distance. Custom designed environmental graphics were used to inspire and communicate the corporate value.

Scalar Toronto

ScalarScalar office, designed by figure3, features a cool and sophisticated space with light penetration between spaces. In the workspace, flexible and varied settings cater to different work style needs and enable convenient collaboration points. The large cafe + servery features sliding doors that open up completely to transform into a large space for town hall gathering.


BainBain & Company's Toronto office was recently completed. It mixes modern corporate interior with fun and edgy features in the stairwell and staff lounge. It was such a pleasure to photograph, we could feel the energy and collaborative spirit in the office indeed - which explains why it is voted as the best place to work consistently!

Dream Office REIT

Dreamfigure3 designed Dream's new office at the Scotia Plaza. The creative angular lines play with perspective perceptions and bring a modern edge to the space. This cool and energetic space showcases new possibilities to future tenants of the building. You can see the related story here.

Tetra Pak

Tetrapak Tetra Pak is a light-filled office designed by figure3 that offers various types of spaces as a modern office. Entry is the welcome area where visitors can see and taste various products on offer. Adjacent is the warm servery + coffee bar flanked by two soft banquette niches as casual meeting areas. A conferencing area is next where collaboration and gathering happens next to 2 small meeting rooms. The CEO's office is next to the main boardroom with a feature divider screen made of compacted Tetra Paks. In the midst of sit-stand workstation areas are two soft rooms where more relaxed or private tasks fit perfectly within. Environmental graphics and branding emphasizes the value and showcases the products of the company clearly - making this an envious place to work in.