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BMO neighbourhood branches

BMOBMO Financial Group has been updating neighbourhood branches to feature unified design and messaging that communicate their identity and positioning of personal, friendly banking with clarity. As you can see, the impressive new branches transform the customer interaction with a financial institution into a friendly and approachable experience. As a BMO customer myself, I am kind of proud to be one :)

apex toronto featuring mohawk curious modular carpet

mohawk apex If you weren't aware of carpet as a design element as yet, here is a great showcase.

Textile and carpet design is certainly not as easy as it looks. Besides controlled use as an accent or bold design statement, it needs to be a tasteful backdrop that doesn't overtake a space yet the texture and tone has a major impact on the experience of the space. For large application of carpet tiles as field carpet, it requires creative design to generate organic patterning so surfaces don't become dizzying pattern as seen on video game texture maps.

It is at the core of graphic design where elements such as lines, textures, orientation, negative space, pattern modularity, micro + macro appearance and three dimensional illusion all need to be carefully considered.

Mohawk's attractive Curious Modular Series under the State of Mind II collection demonstrates the creativity and design nicely in this commercial application at APEX office.