Retail Store

Penguin Shop Toronto

penguin-shop-x A video to showcase the modular displays for flexible merchandising and shop configuration.

penguin-shop-yThe Penguin Shop is designed by figure3. The task was to design an instagram-friendly retail space in a footprint of just 158sf. figure3 set to work creating a shop that fosters a sense of discovery, wonder and visual delight.

The little Penguin Shop captured the imagination as soon as the doors opened and it ignited media interest both nationally and internationally. Crucially, Penguin’s audience from the merely curious to the super-fan have flocked to the shop and shared their shopping excursions across social media.

Go for a visit, it will make you smile!

TELUS G2 - award winning retail store design

telus lavalTELUS retail store designed in collaboration with figure3 is a fresh concept that brings the experience to the forefront of the retail environment. The first G2 store in Carrefour Laval has won major retail awards such as the Grand prize in award, digital on display communications and store of the year in Chain Store Age. Having been involved heavily as part of the design team throughout the project means I am sort of in front and behind the camera at the same time for this shoot!