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wedding guest editorial

aj1My good friend and talented designer AP tied the knot, take note of the breathtaking wedding dress she designed! They are the most fun couple I know and the wedding was indeed a blend of unique, hilarious and touching moments. The idea of cap guns for wedding favours is just through the roof! What a riot!

aj2 b-roll Cap gun induced scenarios of secret agents and simulation of a drunken gunshot accident scene. I emptied my pockets onto the plate - Bond, James Bond!

zoom zoom, or more aptly named: ding ding

dingdingToronto is one of the lucky cities to still operate streetcars in the downtown core. Though the experience of riders, inconveniences of cyclists and drivers along with weather hinderances are debatable factors; the trade-off of clean air unlike New York City or Hong Kong is welcomed in my books. Living with and adapting to these gentle giants is part of Toronto and an unique experience. Streetcar Portraits is a commissioned project to capture and convey the spirit of downtown - ding ding!

midsummer's night tree

midsummer's night tree wtForest at night, trees are still and nondescript, immersed in darkness, breathing out CO2 just like us. I was curious to capture this still night portrait and play with external lighting similar to a studio. With the exception of faint night sky, everything is artificial light source. I have to say photographing in near darkness while running around is a strange sensation indeed, a little dangerous, a little dream like.

evening forest sketch

high park at nightThe allure of the forest at night - it conjures up the magical and the unknown, beckoning feelings of sleepless fantasy, admiration, fear and respect. Looks like the start of a long term series is born.