wedding guest editorial

aj1My good friend and talented designer AP tied the knot, take note of the breathtaking wedding dress she designed! They are the most fun couple I know and the wedding was indeed a blend of unique, hilarious and touching moments. The idea of cap guns for wedding favours is just through the roof! What a riot!

aj2 b-roll Cap gun induced scenarios of secret agents and simulation of a drunken gunshot accident scene. I emptied my pockets onto the plate - Bond, James Bond!

children portraits

Jethrosean 1sean 2Camera-shy children are drawn by curiosity for the big glowing soft surfaces and temporarily cooperate in some portraits otherwise hard to catch at certain ages. The freshly awaken baby girl was startled by the flash strobe and I switched to using the modelling lamp only. Love the soft light quality and the porcelain-perfect glowing skin and perfect eyes.