industrial photography


auto-manufacturing plantCommissioned to photograph Karmax Heavy Stamping plant for Granite office interior to feature tenant properties. Giant sheets of metal are stamped in massive dies to form parts and subsequently welded with robotic arms in the plant. I approached the project with an artistic angle and romanticism of machines. Growing up with an automation-machinery designer engineer father the familiar smell of industrial lubricants and large scale machinery moving about sure sent me back down memory lane and brought a smile to my face.

message in a bottle

cokeOn assignment at the Coca-Cola bottling plant to capture production and assembly line for use as art and environmental graphics for headquarter office interior. Steel toed boots, hair net, and ear plugs - check. Careful maneuver amongst industrial machines where rhythmic batches of the bubbly drinks were being bottled and canned while suppressing curiosity and concentration that could overtake safety confines. It was a short and privileged session to see the massive production line behind the number one brand in the world. With the visual, this is probably as close an encounter as I will have to Sting's famous lyrics: "A hundred million bottles, washed upon the shore." The sea of little red caps brought a smile to my face, it was great to visit the happiness plant!