Diet Coke + Coca-Cola Light - designer editions

coke light bottlesDiet coke, known as Coca-Cola Light in some territories has long involvement in the fashion industry. Special designer editions have been made including big names like Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Donatella Versace. I was commissioned to photograph some bottles and produce art canvases for an installation. It was done in our make-shift office studio. Magnetic whiteboard worked great to suspend a small piece of seamless black fleece backdrop while books made a convenient platform for display. Natural light contamination was not a concern as fast shutter speed and small aperture combo only captures lighting from powerful strobes.

message in a bottle

cokeOn assignment at the Coca-Cola bottling plant to capture production and assembly line for use as art and environmental graphics for headquarter office interior. Steel toed boots, hair net, and ear plugs - check. Careful maneuver amongst industrial machines where rhythmic batches of the bubbly drinks were being bottled and canned while suppressing curiosity and concentration that could overtake safety confines. It was a short and privileged session to see the massive production line behind the number one brand in the world. With the visual, this is probably as close an encounter as I will have to Sting's famous lyrics: "A hundred million bottles, washed upon the shore." The sea of little red caps brought a smile to my face, it was great to visit the happiness plant!