award winning

mediabrands - award winning workplace design

mediabrands IPG Mediabrands, designed by figure3, is an award winning workplace environment. The open floor plate features collaborative spaces in the core and casual lounge seatings are interspersed throughout. Coloured panels add excitement and act as wayfinding for neighbourhoods. The cafe, heart of the space where staffs interact also functions as breakout area near the meeting rooms. The complete transparency of glass fronts connect the culture and life for the staffs and visitors. Environmental graphic of buildings wrap the core and white, reversed images gives semi-privacy to the visitor lounge and executive meeting room.

simons west edmonton mall - award winning retail design

simons wemSimons new store at the west edmonton mall, designed by figure3, is fun and engaging, resulting in a memorable experience that creates a new destination for fashion-focused shoppers. On the exterior, twisted metal fins cladding creates soft shimmer and organic texture. Inside the store, various departments provide their own unique experience and interaction including descending fitting rooms at the young women's area. Simons also commissioned architect Philip Beesley to create a permanent art installation, executed as an ethereal canopy that hovers above viewers. Simons wem has won the Retail Store of the Year award, department store, and fitting room design in Chain Store Age competition.